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Have any cuestions or need some help with your booking?

Phone: +5 21(998) 251-9231

Privacy policies

CANCUN LOCAL EXPERT, S.A. de C.V., domiciled at Av. Huayacan Manzana #207, Lt.2, Local 4, PA, SM 33, Cancún, Q.Roo, México 77560, is a company committed to protecting your privacy. Our responsible for Protection or Personal Data is Francisco Villavicencio, is located at the address above; you may contact him at email : [email protected]


The personal information that you provide us (personal data and, if applicable, sensitive personal data) shall be treated in keeping with the provisions stipulated in this Privacy Notice.


Purpose and Treatment of Personal Information


The personal information provided to us will be used by Cancun Vacation Experts to render the services you request, such as: reservations, purchase of vacation packages, tours and transportation and any other transaction related to generally rendering tourism and commercial services.


Cancun Vacation Experts may use the personal information provided to us to offer you a better service and, if applicable, to identify your preferences during your stay, making it more pleasant.


Likewise, Cancun Vacation Experts may use the information to offer you tourism and commercial promotions and products in general, as well any other related product or service including, without limitation, delivery of promotions, special services, informational bulletins, surveys and other Cancun Vacation Experts products and services.


Cancun Vacation Experts may share with or transmit the information to Cancun Vacation Expert’s associates or to third parties so that they may send you information about their products and services in general.


Finally, the information which you provide us may be treated pursuant to the cases expressly authorized by article 10 of the Federal Law for Protection of Personal Data held by Private Persons.



Personal Data


For the purposes stated in this Privacy Notice, Cancun Vacation Experts may obtain your personal information in several ways:


• When you provide this information directly to Cancun Vacation Experts.
• When you visit Cancun Vacation Experts website.
• When you use Cancun Vacation Experts online services.
• When we obtain information through methods other than those indicated above and are permitted by applicable law.


Personal information obtained by the methods above may include: name, address, email, phone number, credit card information (in case of online transactions) and any other required data pursuant to the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice.



Use of Sensitive Personal Data.


Sensitive personal data is that personal data which affect the person’s most private sphere, or whose undue use may cause discrimination or pose a serious risk to said person. Specifically,sensitive data is that which may disclose aspects such as racial or ethnic origin, present and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, union membership, political opinions, sexual preferences. Said information is solely collected by Cancun Vacation Experts from the clients and it may be used to improve or satisfy the clients’ needs and the services provided to the latter.



Personal Information Use or Disclosure Limitations


At any time, you may limit the information provided to CANCUN LOCAL EXPERT, S.A. de C.V. to be treated as established, through a written request filed direct it to Francisco Villavicencio at the following address: Av. Huayacan Manzana #207, Lt.2, Local 4, PA, SM 33, Cancún, Q.Roo, México 77560 on a schedule of 9 to 14 hours or e-mail to [email protected]


Any such request must contain at least the following information: (i) your name, or the name of the individual that the personal data refers to, (ii) an email address that we may use to respond, (iii) documents proving your identity or, if applicable, that you are the legal representative of the individual whose data you seek to access or affect; (iv) a clear and accurate statement about the personal data you seek and the specific right that you wish to be exercised, (v) and any other item or document that facilitates the location of this personal data. In order to protect your privacy, Cancun Vacation Experts will respond to your request at the email address you provide for this purpose. The response will also be kept available to you at the address specified in the preceding paragraph.



Modifications to this Privacy Policy


Cancun Vacation Experts may, at any time, update this Privacy Notice. Should this statement undergo material modifications, we will communicate
them on the web page. Due to the foregoing, we suggest that you periodically visit this Privacy Notice for information of any updates.


I agree to transmission of my personal data so that product and service information from associates and third parties may be sent to me, in accordance to the provisions established of this Privacy Notice which was sent to me by e-mail. Should I disagree, I will so communicate to Cancun Vacation Experts.